Looking Beautiful

I manage several stores in my area, and I am always searching for ways to reduce costs. However, I am not willing to sacrifice quality just to save a few dollars. Customer satisfaction is very important to our business, and we don’t that we will not attract new customers if we don’t keep our current customers happy.
One of the best ways I have found to save money is by purchasing supplies online. This month, I purchased paper towels, printer ink, toner, paper, NCR pads and numerous other items from several different websites.
In order to maximize my savings, I look for companies that offer free shipping and other perks along with discounted prices. Since shipping times can vary, it is important to place your order early enough when you are ordering online. I like to purchase supplies at least three months in advance to make sure we don’t run out of anything important.

Water seeks its own level, and that is what creates the rivers of water running down over the curbs and streets. With permeable paving that water would have watered your lawn instead of running down over the curb.

Paving that allows the water to seep into the ground below, protects our environment. They are protecting the ground water from contaminates that generally flows with the water runoff into our streams and rivers.

By using this special type of paving you and your family can drink easier, knowing that your water supply is safe. Your landscape will thank you by providing a lusher, greener lawn. Your families’ health will be better, and your neighbors will be green with envy over your beautiful lawn.

Allowing a little rain to seep into your life and landscape will make you the talk of the town. And you will become the next super hero by saving the world a drop at a time.

The student organizations at school decided work together to put on some circus workshops for Family Weekend this year. It gave many clubs some much needed exposure, and was a fun way to see some of the skills that they have been working on. The Rock Climbing Club found a unique way to add to the event with a tightrope walking (slacklining) tutorial. The slacklining was easily the most popular tutorial there. The club set up in an area with several trees, and hooked up lines at about waist-height between them. Two club members were assigned per line (one on each side) and they helped people hold their balance. The smaller kids who showed up to the event had a blast as they walked along the lines, and quite a few adults were even brave enough to try. The Rock Climbing Club will have many new members at the next meeting.